Couldn't help but share...

It's way too adorable. The lovely Odin hanging out in my hand printed baby gro 😍

Linocut Repeat Patterns

Recently I have been experimenting with creating linocut repeat patterns. It's been quite a while since I last desinged and created repeats entirely by hand and doing this through lino cutting is a completely new process to me. I've found it really enjoyable and very satisfying as I love the puzzle in desiging everything to fit together both technically and in terms of having a natural flow, but also the reward of printing the lino and seeing everything print and line up the way I imagined.

My first linocut repeat, which I shared in a previous post, was inspired by a book that I found at school, documenting British trees with the most beautiful encyclopedia illustrations. I used a combination of leaves and seedpods for my repeat.
One of the things I love about lino cutting is the sense of movement you can inject into your designs simply by using the character of the medium. I wanted to create a full repeat with leaves that could be moving and rustling in the wind. Once my design was cut and printed using lino, I then transferred it onto Photoshop and exposed it on a screen for ease of printing. The image above is the digital version.

My next two repeats I created after spending my summer working and holidaying in Greece and Italy. The brightness of the oranges hanging from trees in people's gardens really struck me as little polka dot accents in the green backdrop. And the sheer amount of pear juice I consumed, particularly at my friends' wedding, was one of the highlights!

Print and Make

After four years of working with each other and two years of Print and Make, Lilli and I have finally created a website for our creative workshops! Take a look at the new site and see what kind of creative projects we've been up to!

Tropical Repeat

I'm trying to make the most of the Easter holidays so, on top of a bit of pot plant gardening and catching up with friends, I've been working on some more print designs. I really enjoyed the repeat I made two weeks ago so decided to have a go at another with a tropical theme. This time I wanted to try to make the lines even finer than before.

I spent the day with my good friend, Lilli, yesterday and we drew on and cut lino together. Here's what I came up with...

I also got lucky and managed to come home with a beautiful piece of Lilli's beetle fabric for making into a cushion...thanks, Lil!

Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough

I am so pleased to share that I had the privilege of being invited to take part in an exhibition at CSM earlier this year to celebrate over 100 years of ceramics at the university. Along with current students, staff and other alumni, I submitted a design to be transferred onto a plate, exhibited and auctioned to raise money for materials on the ceramics course and the Royal Crown Derby Charitable Trust. It was so nice to see my work alongside so many other lovely designs.


I've been playing with a bit of collage recently...

Lino repeat

Yesterday I made my first ever repeat pattern in lino. I've made lots of repeats before but alway for digital or screen printed processes and often use Photoshop. I really enjoyed designing, cutting and printing entirely by hand and I love the movement and liveliness that hand cut lino provides in the quality of the line.

I'm pretty pleased with this as a first attempt and definitely want to get going with printing it onto fabric now!